Access By Others


Please be advised that if there are other persons entering and leaving your home/facility, Paws Pet Care, LLC/Pet Sitter can not be held liable for any damages to property or pets as a result. Additionally, Paws Pet Care, LLC requires clients to inform us at the time of the consultation or in your online profile in LeashTime of anyone who may have access to your home/property/facility while client is away, or that will be on the property while we are providing service. This includes (but not limited to) cleaning services, repair persons, friends, family and neighbors, trainers, etc.

For the safety of your pet-sitter, four-legged fur-kids and home/facility, no person should be permitted in your home/facility during the same times our pet sitters are providing services unless special arrangements have been made through the owners of Paws Pet Care. Additionally, we strongly prefer that no other individual should be providing pet care services at the same time Paws Pet Care is providing pet care services to maintain the integrity and accountability of our own work.

The above are highlights of the Service Agreement and is not intended to explain. The service agreement in its entirety is listed here.