Aggressive Pets


Animals behavior can be unpredictable. Paws Pet Care, LLC does not accept responsibility or liability for animal behavior, normal or otherwise, which results in injury or death to the client’s animals.

If your dog(s) will not let Paws Pet Care, LLC/Pet Sitter into your home, or prevent your pet sitter to provide routine duties, Paws Pet Care, LLC/Pet Sitter will contact you. We do not provide free or discounted services if the dog’s aggressiveness prevents us from performing our regular duties.

In the event your dog bites or injures the pet sitter, or any other pet/animal in the residence you are responsible for all medical fees associated with their injury. Paws Pet Care, LLC is willing to work with you and your dog to ensure entry and services can be performed. Additional charges may apply.

The above are highlights of the Service Agreement and is not intended to explain. The service agreement in its entirety is listed here.