In-Your-Home Cat Sitting

Purr-fection. That’s what Paws Pet Care’s Cat Sitting service is!

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner served as directed
Litter boxes and the area around them are kept clean
Social interaction is given like playtime, brushing, (or whatever they are used to)
Medications administered on time if needed
Fresh, cold water is given/automatic waterers are monitored and refilled
We tidy up any messes that may have been made (potty accidents, hairballs, toys, etc.)
We provide socialization for social cats
We send a picture of your kitty-kids once a day via text or email

Prices Start At $25 Per Visit

For the health and safety of your cat(s) we require (vet-recommended) a minimum of every-other-day visits. We customize plans to meet each of our client individual needs. Individual prices may vary. We are happy to discuss pricing with you over the phone or in a FREE consultation in your home. Please call us at 502-802-5052 for more information.