You’re pet is going places. Paws Pet Care can help them get there! 

We can transport your pet to various appointments. Cats are transported in their cat kennel (you provide). Dogs are either pet_taxitransported in a dog kennel, or they are secured in the vehicle by a harness (if provided by client) and strapped into the seat belt. 

We customize pet taxi services to fit your needs. We can: 

Drop off to appointments (doggy daycare, vet, groomer) and return when their appointment is finished (If we drop them off, time stops running until we come back), or
Wait with them during the appointment (If we must wait for them during the appointment, time will keep running).
Securely transport your pets back home. Making sure they are comfortable and have water, and your house is secured when we leave (Time stops when we leave).

Price Start At $35
An hourly fee will be assessed if we are asked to wait at appointments.

We are bonded and insured, meaning that your pets are covered even when they are in the vehicle being transported to their appointment.