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Cheaper Isn’t Always Better!


Woof! Meow! I'm a penny-pincher.  I like to save money and enjoy being thrifty!  However, my father use to always tell me "Beth, you often get what you pay for!" and I've learned that when it comes to the things that are most precious to me, he is SO right.  I don't cut corners when

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How To Have An Easier, Less Stressful Vet Trip


By Dr. Marty Becker, via Vetstreet Want to make your pet's trip to the veterinarian easier on you, your pet and the entire staff of the veterinary hospital? My advice for you is simple: RelaxThough there are a lot of other things you can do, I find that a change of attitude can have the

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The Dangers Of Doggy Day-Care


Woof! Is doggy daycare really a good idea for your fur-kid? Sure, dogs need socialization with both humans and other dogs. In a dog-daycare environment, they get the social aspect, the round the clock care and the potential for extra exercise.  BUT......   You should know that there are health risks of doggy day care. In

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