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Flea Prevention & Why You Should Care


Recently, I read some pretty disturbing reports regarding flea preventative and terrible reactions that furkids Flea "Dirt" were having to them. So, I asked  my vet about continuing with flea medication even if a fur-kid didn't go outside much.  What if the fur-kid had arthritis and just went out on a leash to potty... 

Flea Prevention & Why You Should Care2020-01-20T19:28:52-05:00

What You Can Do When Your Dog Is Itchy


  My boxer, Riley has TERRIBLE allergies. From the time he was 18 months old he started scratching himself raw.  After a very expensive allergy test, which resulted in equally expensive shots and VERY expensive organic dog food, we still felt like his allergies were out of control....and a little helpless too. If you see

What You Can Do When Your Dog Is Itchy2020-01-20T19:28:52-05:00