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They Dropped Their Dog Off & The Nightmare That Ensued


You may have heard of - a site that promises to "find you the perfect dog sitter" that takes your dog into their home while you are away on vacation....usually at a much cheaper rate than a professional sitter that comes to your home.  The website claims to be a mediator that will put you

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The Homeless & Their Pets


I have a passion for pets and I've taken that passion and created a cause that I hope will reach every corner of the United States of America. I want to help feed the pets of the homeless. Most of us have seen homeless people on the streets, many accompanied by animal companions....mostly dogs. I've called

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Winter Is Brutal On Dog’s Paw Pads


Most dogs I know love to frolic in the snow, but did you know that wintertime can be painful for your fur-kid? When your pup's paws are exposed to snow, ice and the toxic chemicals in road-salt they can experience: Dryness Cracking Trauma Frostbite Chemical Burns Fortunately, there are some tips and products out there

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