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Pet Poison Prevention Week at Paws Pet Care


National Poison Prevention Week is officially recognized March 20-26. At Paws Pet Care, Louisville Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers we care 365 days a year to try and help educate our clients and ALL pet owners on common pet toxins and how to prevent poisoning emergencies, so we have compiled a list of the TOP

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Honor Military Working Dogs


Dogs in the military have struggled over the years to earn their recognition as American heroes and the pack at Paws Pet Care, Louisville Pet Sitting & Dog Walking wants to recognize and give them the honor they deserve. Here are some fascinating facts about military working dogs (MWD’s): MWD’s have been in combat with US

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If Pets Had Thumbs…


At Paws Pet Care, Louisville, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things your pet would probably do if he did indeed have opposable thumbs. Spend More Time With Their Paws Pet Care Pet Sitter - They would get online and book more dog walks and pet sits with Paws Pet Care because we

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Spring Forward & Fall “Bark”


Everyone in U.S., with the exception of Arizona and Hawaii, sets clocks forward one hour at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of each March, and back one hour in the fall.  As a result, the coffee flows extra strong in the spring as our bodies try to adjust.  Well, guess what? You’re own response

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