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Pup-ular (and DEADLY) Easter Decorations


Easter is a happy time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our families (and who doesn’t like coloring Easter eggs?). If you’re like us at Paws Pet Care, you include your fur-kids in every celebration! Easter decorations make everything a little more special, but watch out...they can also pose a potential hazard to your

Pup-ular (and DEADLY) Easter Decorations2017-07-07T12:07:18-04:00

How Your Pet Says “I Love You”


Your fur-kid tells you he loves you all the time, but perhaps you aren’t paying attention. Here’s the “I love you” messages you might be missing: They finish their dinner and belch in your face. They bring you gifts. Like dead birds. They give you the silent treatment when you leave for work because they

How Your Pet Says “I Love You”2017-04-01T15:58:07-04:00