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Your Dog’s New Years Resolution


Your pet(s) reached out to us and asked us to kindly send you this message regarding their New Year's Resolution (hey....we're just the messenger): Deer Hooman, My rezolution is to go 2 tha endz of tha erth 4 mor treatz cuz tha moment u qwit eeting treatz iz tha moment I iz hongry. And when

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39 Christmas Safety Tips For Pet Owners


Christmas is a happy, fun time of year for families, but experienced pet parents know that Christmas can also bring a house and yard full of potential hazards for their pets if they aren't wary. All the wonderful things that bring excitement to people can be very strange for our pets. We bring a tree

39 Christmas Safety Tips For Pet Owners2017-12-18T12:16:03-05:00

Winter Is Brutal On Pet Paw Pads


Most dogs I know love to frolic in the snow, but did you know that wintertime can be painful for your fur-kid? When your pup’s paws are exposed to snow, ice and the toxic chemicals in road-salt they can experience: Dryness Cracking Trauma Frostbite Chemical Burns Fortunately, at Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog

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Santa Paws Contest 2017 – Enter To Win BIG!


Ever wanted to win a free photo shoot with you and your pet?? Now you can!! 🎄  Submit a picture of your dog, cat, bunny, fish, or any of your furbabies getting in the holiday spirit to enter for HUGE pet package including: -Complete photo shoot worth over $2,000 from Studio 351 -$100 gift card to Paws Pet

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Not-So-Merry Christmas – Poisonous Plants For Pets


Did you know that many of the plants that are popular around this time of the year can be extremely harmful to your pets?  Here is a rundown of some dangerous seasonal plants that are responsible for most holiday pet poisoning: American Holly - American Holly contains potentially toxic compounds that can cause gastrointestinal irritation.

Not-So-Merry Christmas – Poisonous Plants For Pets2017-09-22T09:06:17-04:00