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A Dog-Friendly Popcorn Recipe


Everyone knows that movies are always best with a nice, big, buttery bowl of popcorn – every dog knows that, too. The problem is that it is always a battle knowing whether or not to share that delicious treat with your dog – for multiple reasons! It could be for fear of knowing whether or

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10 Tips For Traveling With Your Pets


Sometimes traveling can seem difficult if you own a pet, especially if you’re going a long distance. Here are some tips that will make traveling a lot easier and safer for both you and your pet. Plan Map out a course. You’re going to have to find places to take bathroom breaks for everyone, so

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Three Ways Your Dog Can Help You With Your Fitness Goals


Okay, let’s admit it. Most of our “New Year resolutions” are going downhill. It’s been a month since we decided to be more fit this year, and we are still struggling to get that healthy routine into an actual routine, and of course we are struggling! It’s a lot easier to sit on the

Three Ways Your Dog Can Help You With Your Fitness Goals2019-01-15T13:36:58-05:00