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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?


Humans mainly communicate what they want or how they’re feeling through speech. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that ability. They use the second way of communication; and that is body language. Dogs have many ways of communicating. Some are obvious, through which their desires can be easily perceived; and others, not so much. Here are

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The Best Healthy Dog Treats


Do you want to keep your dog healthy always? Well, you only need to get your hands on some trusted dog treats. These should be wholesome or low-calorie foods with the best natural ingredients. As more dog lovers begin to see the results of giving their pets a balanced diet, producers too have transformed

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Lyme Disease In Pets: The Facts and How to Treat It


It’s getting warmer outside, and, no doubt, your pet is going out more, enjoying the warmth and sunshine! The downside is that pets are now being exposed more to common things like Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a very common occurrence, especially to pets. Ticks seem to ALWAYS be there causing it, so it is

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Plants That Are Dangerous To Your Pet


Plants around the house can be the perfect last accessory to any home. They are beautiful, and leave a fresh, aesthetic vibe. But what is often forgotten or unknown is that many common plants are harmful to pets. Here are some plants to stay away from and why. The Lily Plant The toxic chemical from

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Fascinating Cat Facts


Cats may not do much around the house, or show much personality like dogs, but cats are truly fascinating animals. They have their own interesting characteristics and unique abilities. Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about cats. 1)    Opposed to dogs, cats’ ancestors were solitary hunters. That’s why they tend to eat less

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Homemade Treat Recipes Your Dog Will Love


Buying the same, store-bought treats can get old and boring for your pet. Try something new this spring and try some fun new recipes for pet treats! Here are a couple recipes to start with. Bacon-flavored Dog Biscuits by JUSTJEN33 on Ingredients: ·       2 eggs ·       1 cup milk ·       ½ cup water ·       1 tsp salt ·       10 tbsp

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