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What All Responsible Dog Owners Know


Every pet owner knows that there are many things to remember when taking care of a living thing – much less one of his best and probably his most loyal friends. What some pet owners do not realize is the importance of little details here and there that can make a world of difference.

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Things Cats Do And What They Mean


Dogs are simple.  What you see is usually what you get. When you gaze at your cat you may just get this strange, eerie feeling when they look at you, as if they’re saying, “I know all your secrets, Jan. I know everything about you. I watch your every move every day. Don’t mess

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5 Common Dog Phobias


There are many fears in this world that we humans are very susceptible to. Some may be very weird phobias, like fearing feet – let me tell you, as an experienced podophobic, it is a very real and serious thing. Don't judge. Other fears are more common among people, such as fear of spiders

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What Are The Best Dogs For Protection?


Its never been more important to protect your home and property from intruders. Statistics show that home break-ins and property crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. In the United States, a home burglary takes place every 12 to 15 seconds; but what can we do to protect ourselves? Consider a four-legged alarm system!

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What Dog Breeds Make The Best Lap Dogs?


​While some folks prefer to have the big, protective dogs in their family (who many times turn out to be "lap dogs" too), others like the though of having a small "lap" dog breed to simply just cuddle with.  Small dogs shed less - or their shedding may appear to be more manageable -  and

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