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Halloween Costume Ideas For Pets


Who doesn’t love costumes?! And who can deny a treat, or a pat on the head, or an obnoxious, high-pitched squeal of love to a dog who has the cutest costume on for Halloween? Your pet is going to be the cutest pet on the block this Halloween. Here are some amazing costume ideas. You’re

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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pets


FALL IS FINALLY HERE!!! It is time to get out the pumpkin spice lattes, the fall décor, the rain boots, scarves, and Halloween supplies! October is such a fun month, and it goes by quickly, so be sure to not miss out on all the fun things to do with your pet this month.

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Preventing Or Annihilating Fleas


The outdoors is probably your dog’s most favorite place in the world! It is a wonderful place to run, explore, and breath in all of the fresh air – and to catch fleas. Yes, this is the downside of going outside. But no worries! Your dog doesn’t have to be deprived of this beautiful

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Puppy Safety Tips


For those of you who may be deciding to get a puppy to add to the family, keep reading!! For those of you who are not, still just keep reading. :) There are many things to keep in mind when taking care of a puppy. Here are some things to keep your puppy safe

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Five Dog Breeds That Do Not Shed


First-time, soon-to-be dog owners may not know exactly which breed they want. At Paws Pet Care, we encourage you to always ADOPT...don't SHOP! There are many pure-bred dogs that need homes in your local shelter. There are many things to consider in choosing the right dog for your household; will they be good with kids,

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Summer Safety Tips For Cats


Summertime is a great time for your cat to get some sunshine and fresh air! However,  with the high temperatures and the beaming sun rays, there are some things to keep in mind and to prevent when letting your cat outside. Here are some summer safety tips for your cat. Water Provide a full

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