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July 4th Safety Tips For Pet Owners


It is absolutely both crazy and exciting that it is already July! It is finally time to go to the pool, go to the lake or the ocean, walk around downtown, explore new hiking trails, get away on vacation; and, of course, participate in what may very well be what we all think of when

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Dog Food: Wet vs Dry


There are many debates on whether or not dry dog food is better than wet dog food. Some people claim that canned dog food is healthier, while some say that dry dog food is more sensible and not as fattening. Whatever the case, it is not hard to see that both sides have both

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The German Shepherd


German Shepherds are known for their beautiful thick coats, strength, agility, and protective instincts. They are probably most known for being used in the police and military forces. German shepherds are extraordinary animals with not only many skills, but also many interesting backgrounds that many may not know. They became widely popular after World

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Summer Treats For Dogs & Cats


Summer calls for fresh, cool new treats for everyone – including your pets! Here are some fun recipes to try this summer for both cats and dogs. Tuna Treat Ingredients: ·       can of tuna ·       ½ cup of water Instructions: ·       Mash the tuna in a mixing bowl (Since the water in it will help for freezing purposes,

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Declawing Your Cat: The Facts


Declawing your cat is a very controversial topic which leaves some cat owners very confused at whether or not to do the deed. While some say declawing your cat is very beneficial, others say that it is harmful. Here are the facts and answers to some questions about declawing your cat. The Types of Cat

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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?


Humans mainly communicate what they want or how they’re feeling through speech. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that ability. They use the second way of communication; and that is body language. Dogs have many ways of communicating. Some are obvious, through which their desires can be easily perceived; and others, not so much. Here are

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