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Things Cats Do And What They Mean

Dogs are simple.  What you see is usually what you get. When you gaze at your cat you may just get this strange, eerie feeling when they

5 Common Dog Phobias

There are many fears in this world that we humans are very susceptible to. Some may be very weird phobias, like fearing feet – let me

What Are The Best Dogs For Protection?

Its never been more important to protect your home and property from intruders. Statistics show that home break-ins and property crimes are increasing at an alarming

Puppy Training Tips

What To Train Your Puppy As a new pet owner, training a puppy can seem overwhelming. You may not know where to begin, or what exactly to

Dog Food: Wet vs Dry

There are many debates on whether or not dry dog food is better than wet dog food. Some people claim that canned dog food is healthier,

The German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their beautiful thick coats, strength, agility, and protective instincts. They are probably most known for being used in the police and

Summer Treats For Dogs & Cats

Summer calls for fresh, cool new treats for everyone – including your pets! Here are some fun recipes to try this summer for both cats and dogs.

Declawing Your Cat: The Facts

Declawing your cat is a very controversial topic which leaves some cat owners very confused at whether or not to do the deed. While some say declawing

What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Humans mainly communicate what they want or how they’re feeling through speech. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that ability. They use the second way of communication; and

The Best Healthy Dog Treats

Do you want to keep your dog healthy always? Well, you only need to get your hands on some trusted dog treats. These should be wholesome

Plants That Are Dangerous To Your Pet

Plants around the house can be the perfect last accessory to any home. They are beautiful, and leave a fresh, aesthetic vibe. But what is often forgotten

Fascinating Cat Facts

Cats may not do much around the house, or show much personality like dogs, but cats are truly fascinating animals. They have their own interesting characteristics and

10 Cat Friendly Dog Breeds

Cats and dogs have always been portrayed as mortal enemies, whether it’s in books, cartoons, comic strips or even songs! (Remember Paul McCartney’s Ballroom Dancing?) But

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