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Love Your Pet Day

Valentine’s Day has now passed. People shared poems, chocolates, roses, candies, kisses, and hugs. But what about all of the pets? Maybe some were treated for Valentine’s

10 Foods Your Dog CANNOT Eat

It is easy to be innocently unaware of the toxic things being given to pets. But regardless, pet health is very important, so here are ten foods

5 Dangerous Foods For Your Dog

We love our dogs like family and they are considered to be a member, just like anyone else in the home. Besides giving your dog proper care,

Can Pets Help Depression?

Depression can take a toll on us. Depression prompts feelings of loneliness; people need healthy coping mechanisms to go through the rough times and with relaxation

Tips For The Cost Conscious Pet Owner

When it comes to choosing the right pet and breed for you, it’s important to remember that your lifestyle and physical environment are at least as

A Dog-Friendly Popcorn Recipe

Everyone knows that movies are always best with a nice, big, buttery bowl of popcorn – every dog knows that, too. The problem is that it is

10 Tips For Traveling With Your Pets

Sometimes traveling can seem difficult if you own a pet, especially if you’re going a long distance. Here are some tips that will make traveling a lot

Paws Pet Care Announces New Franchises

For immediate release: Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 2640 Gleeson Lane, Suite 2D Louisville, Kentucky  40299 10/4/2018 Local philanthropist, entrepreneur, pet-care specialist, and

I Think My Dog Is Depressed

Recently a client reached out to me to ask if her dog could be depressed.  Her family had recently experienced the loss of another companion animal,

Extreme Activities For Your Dog

- By Sally James Freelance Writer Extreme Activities for Your Dog If you take on the message of Jack London’s novel Call of the Wild, then your dog,

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