Pet Behaviour

Pup-ular (and DEADLY) Easter Decorations

Easter is a happy time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our families (and who doesn’t like coloring Easter eggs?). If you’re like us at Paws Pet Care, you include your fur-kids in every celebration! Easter decorations make everything a little more special, but watch out...they can also pose a potential hazard to your

How Your Pet Says “I Love You”

Your fur-kid tells you he loves you all the time, but perhaps you aren’t paying attention. Here’s the “I love you” messages you might be missing: They finish their dinner and belch in your face. They bring you gifts. Like dead birds. They give you the silent treatment when you leave for work because they

Do THIS With Your Tax Refund

Woof. Tax season is so stressful!  However, if you were lucky enough to get a refund what better way to spend that hard-earned cash than on the fur-kid love(s) of your life? Here are some ideas on how you can make your fur-kid feel extra special with your tax-refund loot: Get a tattoo. Make your

Your Cat Has A Question For You

We’re willing to bet that if you are owned by a cat, you know for a fact that you may never be able to know what is going through your furry feline’s mind, no matter how much you mull over it’s inner-workings.  However, on THIS day January 22nd, feline pet-parents are asked to be more

I Love You. Now, Let Me Bite You.

It happens to me and my staff all the time when we’re providing care for our client’s feline fur-kids.  If you have cats, no matter how much they love and adore you, I’m sure you have probably experienced it yourself. The “Love-bite”. Since many of our fur-kid kitty-cat clients want more than just spotlessly clean

They Smell So Good & Yay…You Left Them For Me!

I bet you went for a good run today. Or a nice walk. Or maybe you just worked all day in your favorite comfy shoes. All the while, you’re half-a-million sweat glands in your feet are working overtime, secreting up to ½ pint of sweat (wonderfully smelly scented sweat) into your shoes. That’s hard for