Pet Health

Pup-ular (and DEADLY) Easter Decorations

Easter is a happy time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our families (and who doesn’t like coloring Easter eggs?). If you’re like us at Paws Pet Care, you include your fur-kids in every celebration! Easter decorations make everything a little more special, but watch out...they can also pose a potential hazard to your

Pet Poison Prevention Week at Paws Pet Care

National Poison Prevention Week is officially recognized March 20-26. At Paws Pet Care, Louisville Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers we care 365 days a year to try and help educate our clients and ALL pet owners on common pet toxins and how to prevent poisoning emergencies, so we have compiled a list of the TOP

Your Cat Has A Question For You

We’re willing to bet that if you are owned by a cat, you know for a fact that you may never be able to know what is going through your furry feline’s mind, no matter how much you mull over it’s inner-workings.  However, on THIS day January 22nd, feline pet-parents are asked to be more

Winter Is Brutal On Dog’s Paw Pads

Most dogs I know love to frolic in the snow, but did you know that wintertime can be painful for your fur-kid? When your pup's paws are exposed to snow, ice and the toxic chemicals in road-salt they can experience: Dryness Cracking Trauma Frostbite Chemical Burns Fortunately, there are some tips and products out there

Snap*Crackle*Pop Is For Cereal, Not Pets!

I'm truly devastated every single year to see hundreds of posts on Facebook and other popular social networking sites in the days following July 4th celebrations regarding lost pets the morning after all the festivities of the July 4th weekend. Pet parents  frantically try to locate their beloved fur-kids who had become frightened of the loud noises

Too Hot For Spot?

It’s hot.   I mean fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot! Pools are opening around town and people are excited about the warmer weather and sunshine.  Unfortunately the heat doesn’t always mean great things for fur-kids. Since our dogs generally don’t get to have all the fun that we do at the pool (the whole dog-hair in the pool