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Extreme Activities For Your Dog


- By Sally James Freelance Writer Extreme Activities for Your Dog If you take on the message of Jack London’s novel Call of the Wild, then your dog, from time to time, deserves to throw off the confines of being a pet in the modern 21st century and unleash their primitive and wild side. It’s a

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Valentine’s Distraction Can Lead To Destruction


Love Is In The Air With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love is in the air. It is a magical time when couples surprise each other with wonderful gifts and surprises. A bouquet of beautiful red roses, heart-shaped balloons, boxes of chocolates are usually part of Valentine's Day celebrations. Who doesn't love a romantic

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Your Cat Has A Question For You


We’re willing to bet that if you are owned by a cat, you know for a fact that you may never be able to know what is going through your furry feline’s mind, no matter how much you mull over it’s inner-workings.  However, on THIS day January 22nd, feline pet-parents are asked to be more

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Winter Weather Tips For Pets


You know how the song goes….”oh...the weather outside is frightful….”, right? Well winter-time and the inclement weather that it brings can be “frightful” for your fur-kids too, but your pet care professionals at Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking are here to help you get your pets safely through the winter months. Read on…..

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Christmas Plants That Are Toxic To Your Pet


Did you know that many of the plants that are popular around this time of the year can be extremely harmful to your pets?  Here is a rundown (with pictures)  of some dangerous seasonal plants:   American Holly American Holly contains potentially toxic compounds that can cause gastrointestinal irritation.  Make sure to keep your hollyon

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What NOT To Feed Your Pets On Thanksgiving


Woof! At Paws Pet Care, we REALLY care about the health and wellness of your fur-kids! We know how tempting it is to give in to those big ol' puppy eyes staring at you from next to the Thanksgiving table,'s important that you know what food is NOT safe to give your dog during the holidays.Your fur-kids

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