Why Does My Dog Do That

What You Need To Know About Dewclaws


We don't call them fingers or toes, but if you take a look at your dog's feet you'll find that on their back legs they usually have four "toes"  and on their front feet they most often have five "fingers".  Some dogs have an extra nail on the upper, inner part of their front

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How Your Pet Says “I Love You”


Your fur-kid tells you he loves you all the time, but perhaps you aren’t paying attention. Here’s the “I love you” messages you might be missing: They finish their dinner and belch in your face. They bring you gifts. Like dead birds. They give you the silent treatment when you leave for work because they

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Your Cat Has A Question For You


We’re willing to bet that if you are owned by a cat, you know for a fact that you may never be able to know what is going through your furry feline’s mind, no matter how much you mull over it’s inner-workings.  However, on THIS day January 22nd, feline pet-parents are asked to be more

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Hands Off The Paws, Please!


Does your pet hate having their paws touched?  Have you ever wondered why? I remember as a child on my aunt’s farm we would go barefoot and try to run across the driveway, which would have been fine except the driveway was gravel. Our poor “city” feet weren’t tough like my aunt and uncles, who

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They Smell So Good & Yay…You Left Them For Me!


I bet you went for a good run today. Or a nice walk. Or maybe you just worked all day in your favorite comfy shoes. All the while, you’re half-a-million sweat glands in your feet are working overtime, secreting up to ½ pint of sweat (wonderfully smelly scented sweat) into your shoes. That’s hard for

They Smell So Good & Yay…You Left Them For Me!2020-01-20T19:29:09-05:00