Look at all the snow!…..old man winter has finally made his appearance. Which brings us to the question: How do I keep my house clean when my pet tracks in melting snow, salt and mud each time they go out and come back in?

Although most of us think that the snow is pretty at first, eventually after dealing with lots of muddy paws and smelly pets we start to eagerly anticipate spring and warmer, drier weather. We all get to the point with winter where the only thing good about winter as a pet owner is that dog poop is frozen and easier to pick up in the back yard (you know its true)!  But hey, we pet owners know that that a little dirt is just a normal part of having a best fur-pal and there’s really no way to avoid ALL dirt and debris getting onto your pet, and thus getting into your house.

The good news is that a little planning will help you stop at least SOME of that mud and smell. If you plan properly, you can master that mud before it covers your entire house. For example, what entry does your pet use, and can you make it a space where you stop them before they get into your house and remove some of that weather-related gunk? In order to get the water, mud and dirt under control you need to outfit your entry space with the right tools and products.

Check out our graphic below for ideas on how to design a pet-friendly entrance to your home and if you need our help getting your dogs out for potty breaks, playtime or private walks this winter give Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking a call at 502-802-5052 or contact us here. We’ve got your tail covered!