I recently retired from the laptop life to work where my heart is – as a musician, massage therapist, and pet sitter! It really is the best thing to love your work! I have been watching and walking pets for a few years now. It started in earnest after the last of “my pack” died of old age in 2013. I had never been without a dog, and I missed canine companionship greatly! So I decided that, as long as life circumstances prevented me from having my own to care for, I would at least take the opportunity to help out other pet owners care for theirs. Since then, I have mostly done lengthy home stays, along with some walking and medical support visits.

Petsitting has been overwhelmingly awesome; the best parts are easy to list! I love that taking a walk together is the ultimate hang and good grounds for a friendship. I like having a great reason to get outside for some exercise and sunshine, or hit the ground for playtime or a belly rub. I like the responsibility of taking great care of a creature, whatever that means for the particular situation. And, having been in the shoes of the owner who needs a sitter, I definitely get the value of knowing that your pet is ok and well cared for when you can’t be there.

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