Hi! My name is Jenn and I have a HUGE love for all animals.

I may work my normal day being a Claims Adjuster for Kentucky Farm Bureau, but my true passion is my family and ANIMALS! I am the mother of 2 great kids. My husband, Phil, and I have 2 dogs that are truly part of our family. We have had Yogi since he was a baby and adopted Rufus as a rescue. My daughter and I volunteer at The Humane Society and enjoy giving the animals love and attention. We also have a passion for pigs. YEP! PIGS! We recently delivered a trunk load of pumpkins to Uplands PEAK Sanctuary in Salem, IN. They were so happy and the pigs and goats had quite a treat. They love to eat pumpkins. Pigs are actually a lot like dogs. Guess that’s why I love them so.

In addition to my love for dogs and pigs, all of my life I have been fascinated by marine life. I actually wanted to be a Marine Biologist (until I took my first chemistry class). Dolphin, whales, and sharks are a love of mine. It may seem odd for someone in Louisville, KY to be a passionate advocate against whale and dolphin captivity, but I love them. I support The Dolphin Project and the fight against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. I wish I could be on the front line as an advocate. Maybe someday….

I’d like to thank you in advance for the opportunity and privilege to take care of your pets. I give you my word that they will be treated as my own and loved on and cared for. I understand they are a part of your family. Their safety, comfort, and happiness will be totally taken care of. You have my word.


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