Hi, my name is Liz, and I love animals.  Growing up in Kansas City, I and my family always had furry family members.  So, I have been taking care of pets from a very young age.  In fact, now, it’s difficult for me to imagine a home life without pets.

I moved to Louisville in 1993 to attend college, love the city, and simply never left.  I now work as a claim adjuster for Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, but my pet family, at home, is of profound importance to me.  I currently have a gray Tabby, named Tom-Tom.  He was rescued eight years ago from a local park where he was found homeless.  Today, he is a huge comfort as I overcome my grief over the loss of one of my dogs.  I lost Woody to cancer in December of 2016.  

In addition to my experience of caring for Tom-Tom and Woody, I have rescued five other puppies over the years from various unsavory situations and cared for them in my home as family.  I loved caring for all of these animals, playing with them, and watching them learn and grow over time.  I wish I could give all needy pets a home.

As I contemplate the notion of extending my pet-care skills to others, I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity to care for your pets.  I am committed to making sure your pet’s comfort and happiness is my first priority, and I look forward to working with you to that end.

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