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What You Should Know About Dog Parks

Dog parks are becoming more and more popular here in Kentucky.  Seems like every month we're hearing about a new one opening up here or there. We've had the pleasure of taking some of our own clients to dog parks during the day and had great experiences.  On the flip side, we've also witnessed dogs

Flea Prevention & Why You Should Care

Recently, I read some pretty disturbing reports regarding flea preventative and terrible reactions that furkids Flea "Dirt" were having to them. So, I asked  my vet about continuing with flea medication even if a fur-kid didn't go outside much.  What if the fur-kid had arthritis and just went out on a leash to potty... 

PET ALERT! West Nile Virus Can Infect Your Pets

There aren't many who haven't heard about the spread of the West Nile Virus. With the arrival of spring, don't forget about protecting your pets from the threat of diseases. The Center for Disease Control reports that as of August 28, 2012 there have been 1590 cases reported – the highest number of West Nile virus

Butt Sniffing……Why Do They DO That?

A dog's primary sense is his sense of smell. Our fur-kids have such an incredible sense Oh, Hello! Why yes...that's my crotch! of smell that they can find out all sorts of things about a person or place that we never could....just by sniffing! Sometimes that presents an embarrassing situation.   Like when