Pet Sitting Cost

What You Should Know About Dog Parks

Dog parks are becoming more and more popular here in Kentucky.  Seems like every month we're hearing about a new one opening up here or there. We've had the pleasure of taking some of our own clients to dog parks during the day and had great experiences.  On the flip side, we've also witnessed dogs

How Much Does Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Typically Cost?

The first question that anyone asks me when they call is “How much does pet sitting in Louisville cost?” I immediately ask some questions in order to best answer their question. I am fortunate enough to belong to a networking group containing many pet sitting How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost? companies all around

What Is A Dog Breed Anyway?

How did we arrive at Afghans, Airedales and Alaskan Malamutes when all we started with the good old-fashioned wolf?  What exactly IS a dog breed? A dog breed can be defined as a group of dogs that share physical and behavioral qualities that humans have selected "Same species? Are you sure? Hmmmm....I'm not convinced!"