Fascinating Cat Facts

Cats may not do much around the house, or show much personality like dogs, but cats are truly fascinating animals. They have their own interesting characteristics and unique abilities. Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about cats.

1)    Opposed to dogs, cats’ ancestors were solitary hunters. That’s why they tend to eat less and more often throughout the day.

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2)    Like dogs, cats are sensitive to chocolate, and they can get very ill from it.

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3)    Cats don’t really have a sweet tooth. They don’t have a taste for sweets, and they crave meat the most.

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4)    Cats are very tolerant of heat. Don’t let all of that fur fool you! Cats’ ancestors lived in the desert and were built for it. They even have the ability to cool themselves by panting, and sweating through the little pads of their feet.

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5)    Cats eyes are so big that they can’t focus on anything closer than a foot from them, making them farsighted.

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6)    Cats’ whiskers make up for their lack of near-sightedness. Their whiskers are so sensitive that they even detect a change in air flow, which strongly helps their maneuverability.

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7)    Cats don’t have collarbones. That explains why they are so flexible and can get into so many things!

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8)    Cats aren’t the “allergy.” When people say that they are allergic to cats, they are actually allergic to the hormone produced in cats’ saliva. Cats spread the saliva all over their fur by bathing/licking themselves; thus, spreading the allergy.

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9)    They do land on their feet – and they have a method of doing it. They use what is called the cat righting reflex. They tuck their bodies into an “umbrella” shape, making them land on their feet every time.

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10)  Cats can drink seawater! They’re kidneys are so strong that they can filter out all that salt.

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11)  Cats know how to handle the hairballs. As long as you let your cat outside, there will be no need to give them hairball treats. Cats will eat grass to cause them to puke up anything indigestible – including hairballs.

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Cats truly are self-sufficient and incredible. Go look up more of their history and more facts about them, and you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know about the amazing creature purring and sleeping away on your couch!

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By Erika Smith – Staff Writer


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